NBA Accreditation for Two years to UG Engineering Programs- Mechanical Engineering w.e.f: 1 July 2014

VISION:  "To Become a Lead Center in the Field of Mechanical Engineering to Minimize Human Efforts with an Eye on Environment."
MISSION: "To Impart Technical Education, Nurture Creativity Critical Thinking & Application of Comprehensive Engineering Knowledge & Skills to Meet the Global Challenges through Innovation & Research"

Mechanical Engineering Department was established in 1986. Department offers B.E. course in Mechanical Engineering and M.E. courses in CAD/CAM, Production Technology & Management and Thermal Engineering.A team of 41 highly qualified and experienced faculty members with 14 doctorates is the main backbone of the department. Almost more than 30 research scholars are pursuing their doctoral research under the supervision of faculty members of the department. The faculty members have authored more than 250 research papers in journals and conferences. As the outcome of ongoing research in the department, 2 patents have been granted so far. Department have well equipped 12 laboratories and computer centre. The CAD/CAM centre is equipped with recent design and analysis software, CNC trainers and Robots. The department has shown consistently good results in university and GATE examinations. Student centric activities are regularly conducted to explore the hidden talents and inculcate qualities required for employability of the students. The students’ on-campus placement record is remarkable every year.

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Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)
1. Preparation: To strive for overall personality development of students so as to nurture not only quintessential technocrats but also responsible citizens and to steer the organization towards becoming a pace setting centre of excellence.
The scheme of Mechanical Engineering is designed considering the important fields of study and market requirement. This structure is a unique combination of Basic sciences, humanities and core competency. The various subjects are introduced at various levels considering the prerequisites of the subjects as well as skill level of the students.
2. Core Competence: To educate students with the fundamentals of engineering sciences, basic Mechanical engineering, mechanical design and analysis to improve their overall engineering skills so that graduates will able to design mechanical systems containing functionality, aesthetics, safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability.
3. Breadth: To impart students with the skills for the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of Men, material and machine for the social & national cause.
4. Professionalism: To inculcate the value systems & ethics, leadership and team work skills, bring holistic development of personality and to promote entrepreneurial thinking among students.
5. Learning environment: Democratic learning environment that develops confidence and stimulates innovative thinking for successful professional career.
6. Creating a Dream: To make every student dream. Dream about a government /private sector job or dream about higher studies or dream about becoming an entrepreneur.
7. Employment avenues: As per the fast changing global trend and demand, to make the students aware and assist for offering employment in various sectors.
Programme Outcomes (PO's):
a. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
b. An ability to design and conduct experiments as well as to analyze and interpret data.
c. An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability
d. An ability to function on multidisciplinary teams.
e. An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
f. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities.
g. An ability to communicate effectively.
h. The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and societal context.
i. The recognition of the need for and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
j. The knowledge of contemporary issues.
k. An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


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Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering

B. E. Projects (2014 - 2015)

Project Title Project Supervisor                
Stair climbing hand cart Dr. N .W. kale
Portable Wind Mobile Charger Dr. S. V. Bansod
Vertical Take off and Landing System Dr. S.B. Thakare
Design and fabrication of crawling robot Dr. D. S. Ingole
 Improvisation and Automation in soap cleaning and polishing Dr. T. R. Deshmukh
 Design and Development of a fixture for VMV operation Dr. A. U. Awate
Pedal Power Water Lifting Device Prof. S. G. Bahaley
Study of thermal Characterization of various industrial materials with their Techniques Prof. K. M. Watt
Kinetic energy recovering system in bicycle Prof. S.V. Dahake
Analysis of Various factors affecting the performance of solar still Prof. Dr. R. A. Kubde              
Versatile Train Prof. A. V. Dhote
Portable Air conditioning System Prof. A. K. Pitale
 Mechanical Motion rectifier Dr. N. A. Wankhade           
 Manually operated Paper recycling machine Dr.  N. S. Pohokar
 Pedal operated groundnut thresher Prof. M. P. Nawathe
Design and Fabrication of Efficient Solar Dryer Prof. R. R. Kolhekar
Hydrogen Used in Gasoline Engine Prof. P. M. Ingole

Memorandum of Understanding with

1 M/s  Jadhao Icon, B-19 MIDC Badnera, Amravati-444605
2 M/s Aspa Bandsons Auto (P) Ltd. Saturna Badnera Road Amravati-444506
3 Confederation of Engineering Institute under North Maharashtra University Jalgaon, Head Office of Godavari C.O.E. Bhusawal Road Jalgaon India
4 Nature Conservation Society Amravati, Pratishta Bharat Nagar Akoli Road,Amravati-444605
5 M/s Jadhao Steel Alloys, A-81 Near water Tank MIDC Amravati-444605
News Letter
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List of students selected in campus placement (2013-14)


Sr No. Company Candidate Name
1 Indian Navy Aditya A. Deshpande
2 Indian Navy Abhijeet M. Deshkar
3 Indian Navy Akash O. Madke
4 Indian Navy Dyaneshwar V. Tandulkar
5 TCS Aditya A. Deshpande
6 TCS Nitish Karhe
7 TCS Ashish Rane
8 TCS Mahulkumar Sonewane
9 Indian Army Saraf Gaurav Vaibhav
10 Indian Army Murdiv Ankush Ajay
11 Indian Army Singhai Sagar Pradip
12 Indian Army Mohd. Shiban Mohd. Shabbir
13 Indian Army Ukey Pranav Sunil
14 Indian Army Aaquib Aalam Asif Khan
15 Indian Army Bhagat Kunal Subodh
16 Indian Army Mahawar Shubham S
17 Samundra Maritime Services Akash Onkar Madke
18 Samundra Maritime Services Aditya Ajit Deshpande
19 Samundra Maritime Services Vishal Arun Yawale
20 Samundra Maritime Services Chandar Ashok Dhanuka
21 Samundra Maritime Services Nitikesh R Bhad
22 Samundra Maritime Services Sudhir Ashokrao Moon
23 Samundra Maritime Services Amarjeet Bhimrao Buche
24 Samundra Maritime Services Anup S Dahekar
25 Phoenix Sea Services Adwait Kate
26 Phoenix Sea Services Prasad Rajendra Bochare
27 Phoenix Sea Services Prajwal Dineshrao Chawane
28 Phoenix Sea Services Kanishk V. Gargav
29 Phoenix Sea Services Akash Onkar Madke
30 Phoenix Sea Services Avinash Narhari Kharche
31 Phoenix Sea Services Anshul Radheshyam Patle
32 Phoenix Sea Services Anup S. Dahekar
33 Phoenix Sea Services Nishant Prabhakar Bhaltadak
34 Sunil Hitech, Nagpur Deshpande  Aditya Avinash
35 Sunil Hitech, Nagpur Deshkar Abhijeet Mukund
36 Sunil Hitech, Nagpur Golecha Rushabh Jitendra
37 Sunil Hitech, Nagpur Deshpande  Aditya  Ajit
38 Sunil Hitech, Nagpur Dhanuka Chandar Ashok
39 Genpact Aditya Deshpande
40 Tech Mahindra Rushabh Golechha
41 Tech Mahindra Mrunali Dekate
42 Tech Mahindra Abhijeet M. Deshkar
43 Tech Mahindra Vipul Kolhe
44 Tech Mahindra Vaibhav Singh Rohankar

List of students selected in campus placement (2014-15)

Sr No. Company Candidate Name
1 Samundra Institute of Marytime Himanshu M. Jadhao
2 Samundra Institute of Marytime Sagar N. Dehaley
3 Samundra Institute of Marytime Pranav S. Ukey
4 Samundra Institute of Marytime Nitin kumar N. Bilmore
5 Shriram Transport Finance Co Ltd Parikshit shridharpant Tetu
6 Shriram Transport Finance Co Ltd Sumit Anil Gudadhe
7 Shriram Transport Finance Co Ltd Dhiraj Vijay Satange
8 TCS Vaibhav Katore
9 TCS Chandrashekhar Deshmukh
10 TCS Pratik Arulkar
11 TCS Shivam Pranjale
12 TCS Vakasahmaddanish Shaikh
13 TCS Gaurav Saraf
14 TCS Chaitanya Gawande
15 TCS Payal Mathane
16 TCS Yugesh Jadiya
17 TCS Rohit Bildani
18 TCS Kunal Bhagat
19 TCS Ankush Murdiv
20 TCS Avinash Bante
21 TCS Payal Chavan
22 TCS Sagar Singhai
23 TCS S.P.Deshmukh
24 TCS Aquib Toply
25 TCS Rohit Kesalkar
26 TCS Akshay Ashtunkar
29 TCS Vaibhav Vasantrao Gadhave
30 TCS Shubham Joshi
31 Triveni Turbines Kaustubh Rokade
32 Wind World India Ltd Akshaj Kharbade
33 FACE Mr. Akash D. Pahurkar
34 Bosch Nashik Vaibhav Narayanrao Katore
35 Bosch Nashik Sumit Anil Gudadhe
36 Bosch Nashik Aaquib Aalam Asif Khan
37 Bosch Nashik Gaurav Vaibhav Saraf
38 Bosch Nashik Arbaz Zafar Khan
39 NSP Futuretech Akash Dhananjay Pahurkar
40 Volks Wagen Ahmad Khwaja Faiz
41 Volks Wagen Bildani Rohit Gopichand
42 Volks Wagen Katore Vaibhav Narayanrao
43 Volks Wagen Pranjale Shivam Vinod
44 Enable IT Soln Akash Dhananjay Pahurkar
45 Enable IT Soln Mohd Shiban Mohd Shabbir
46 Tapadiya Polyester Pratik Rajendra Thakare
47 Bosch , Nasik Arbaz Zafar Khan
48 Goa Shipyard Limited Utkarsh Pratap Yadav
49 Rachana industries Ankit Deolasee
50 Super Auto India Limited Chakan Pune Nandkishor Devanand Chilvante

List of students selected in campus placement (2015-16)

Sr No. Company Candidate Name
1 TCS Prashant Malokar
2 TCS Chetan Hiwase
3 TCS Mayur Durge
4 TCS Suraj Hiwarale
5 TCS Snehal Dharmik
6 TCS Avadhut Bapat
7 TCS Dinesh Gadge
8 TCS Abhijit Dhandar
9 TCS Nikhil Pusadkar
10 TCS Utsav Sherekar
11 TCS Roshan Dudhe
12 TCS Chetan Turare
13 TCS Vishal Zade
14 TCS Shubham More
15 TCS Mamta Wankhade
16 TCS Mayur Gohad
17 TCS Aditya Gadge
18 TCS Komal Bhutada
19 TCS Ajinkya Hatekar
20 TCS Shashank Meshram
21 TCS Shubham Metkar
22 TCS Pallavi Tade
23 TCS Om Raut
24 TCS Darshana Hande
25 TCS Nachiket Makh
26 TCS Sufiyanulhaque
27 Interactive Designs Pvt. Ltd. Sanket Wanjale
28 Triveni Turbines Abhijit Dhandar
29 Capgemini Vrushali Bhadke
30 Capgemini Alimuddin Kazi
31 Capgemini Akshay Kamble
32 Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited, Ketan Dabre
33 Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited, Harit Kulkarni
34 Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited, Vinit Dhande
35 Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited, Nitin Jaju
36 Pompeii Technologies, Mumbai Niraj Gangwane
37 FACE Ajinkya Hatekar
38 TCS (Off Campus) Ashwini Dhote
39 TCS (Off Campus) Vinit Dhande
40 TCS (Off Campus) Ketan Dabre
41 TCS (Off Campus) Vedant Gonnade
42 TCS (Off Campus) Vaibhav More
43 TCS (Off Campus) Alfa Dharmale
44 TCS (Off Campus) Rohit Yadav
45 TAL Manufacturing Ltd, A TATA Enterprise Chetan Turare
46 TAL Manufacturing Ltd, A TATA Enterprise Sanket Wanjale
47 TAL Manufacturing Ltd, A TATA Enterprise Harit Kulkarni
48 TAL Manufacturing Ltd, A TATA Enterprise Shraddha Badone
49 TAL Manufacturing Ltd, A TATA Enterprise Vrushali Bhadke
50 TAL Manufacturing Ltd, A TATA Enterprise Om Raut
51 TAL Manufacturing Ltd, A TATA Enterprise Akshay Alone (Waiting List)


Students training program for year 2014-15, 2015-16

Company Name Company Sector Date from Date to No. of students
IGTR, Aurangabad CAD/CAM 2/02/2015 29/03/2015 20
IGTR, Aurangabad CAD/CAM 7/10/2015 15/10/2015 63
NPTI, Nagpur Thermal 22/06/2015 26/06/2015 42
S.K.Edutech & Agro Industries Automation 05/09/2015 06/09/2015 101

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