Master of Business Administration (MBA) is Two-year (Full-Time is an internationally-recognized degree program designed to develop the skills required for careers in business and management. The value of the MBA, however, is not limited strictly to the Business world. But, an MBA can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, government, private industry, and other areas.


Intake Capacity: 120* Students



The Specialization Codes and Titles

Sr. No. Specialization Title of Specialisation
1. F Financial Management
2. M Marketing Management
3. H Human Resource Management
4. P Production Management
5. CGF Corporate & Global Finance
6. SM Services Marketing
7. OB Organizational Behavior
8. OM Operations Management



I MBA/101 Principles and Practices of Management
I MBA/102 Managerial Economics
I MBA/103 Managerial Skills Development
I MBA/ 104 Accounting for Managers
I MBA/ 105 Organizational Behavior and Effectiveness
I MBA/ 106 Business Ethics
I MBA/107 Management Information System
I MBA/ 108 Quantitative Methods
II MBA/201 Business Environment
II MBA/202 Research Methodology
II MBA/203 Human Resource Management
II MBA/204 Financial Management
II MBA/205 Marketing Management
II MBA/206 Production and Operations Management
II MBA/207 Logistic Management
II MBA/208 Management Science



III MBA/3101/F Indian Financial System Finance
III MBA/3102/F Banking System Finance
III MBA/3103/F Working Capital Management Finance
III MBA/3104/F International Financial Management Finance
III MBA/3105/F Investment Science Finance
III MBA/3106/F Risk Management Finance
III MBA/3201/M International Marketing Strategy Marketing
III MBA/3202/M Sales & Distribution Management Marketing
III MBA/3203/M Consumer Behavior Marketing
III MBA/3204/M Advertising Management Marketing
III MBA/3205/M Brand Management Marketing
III MBA/3206/M Agro-Business Marketing Marketing
III MBA/3301/H Management of Industrial Relations Human Resources
III MBA/3302/H Human Relations & Legal Framework Human Resources
III MBA/3303/H Compensation Management Human Resources
III MBA/3304/H Human Resource Development Human Resources
III MBA/3305/H Management of Training and Development Human Resources
III MBA/3306/H Performance Management Human Resources
III MBA/3401/P Purchasing And Materials Management Production
III MBA/3402/P Production Planning And Control Production
III MBA/3403/P Ergonomics Production
III MBA/3404/P World Class Manufacturing Production
III MBA/3405/P Principles And Practices Of Safety Mgnt Production
III MBA/3406/P Costing For Production Production



IV MBA/401 Strategic Management
IV MBA/4101/CGF Financial Decision Analysis Corporate Global Finance
IV MBA/4102/CGF Security Analysis And Portfolio Mgnt Corporate Global Finance
IV MBA/4103/CGF Financial Derivatives Corporate Global Finance
IV MBA/4104/CGF Management of Financial Services Corporate Global Finance
IV MBA/4105/CGF Foreign Exchange Market Corporate Global Finance
IV MBA/4106/CGF Insurance Management Corporate Global Finance
IV MBA/4202/SM Marketing Of Services Service Marketing
IV MBA/4203/SM Mktng for NPOs and Social Services Service Marketing
IV MBA/4204/SM Retail Marketing Service Marketing
IV MBA/4205/SM Rural Marketing Service Marketing
IV MBA/4206/SM International Marketing Environment Service Marketing
IV MBA/4301/OB Human Behavior At Work Place Organization Behavior
IV MBA/4302/OB Organznl Develnt & Intervention Strategies Organization Behavior
IV MBA/4303/OB Management of Group Process Organization Behavior
IV MBA/4304/OB Corporate Leadership Management Organization Behavior
IV MBA/4305/OB Knowledge Management Organization Behavior
IV MBA/4306/OB International HRM Organization Behavior
IV MBA/4401/OM Service Operations Management Operation Management
IV MBA/4402/OM Applied Operations Research Operation Management
IV MBA/4403/OM Transportation Management Operation Management
IV MBA/4404/OM Total Quality Management Operation Management
IV MBA/4405/OM Industrial Health &Disaster Management Operation Management
IV MBA/4406/OM Project Management Operation Management

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