1. Patent: Patent on Method Device and System for the fractional energy Measurement with existing energy meter with blinking LED, having a continuous digital display is granted to Prof. A. P. Bodkhe Patent No213930  Date of Grant:  24/6/2007

2. Patent: Patent field on “Pattern Matching and current location based method for Prediction of Next Mobile Access Gateways” Reference No 201721045770, App. Number: Temp/E-1/46722/2017-MUM, CBR No 23638 Date: 20-12-2017.Name of Applicant: Dr. A. S. Alvi.

3. Patent: Patent field on “Cognitive Scalable Data Clustering ” Reference No 201721042653, App. Number: Temp/E-1/43235/2017-MUM, CBR No 22358 Date: 28-11-2017.Name of Applicant: Dr. A. S. Alvi.

4. Patent: Patent field on ” A System to Determine and Manage the Road Violations with the help of Refined video correction Techniques and Other Facilities.” Application Number. 201721037944 Date: 22-11-2017, Name of Applicant: Dr. Prashant Ingole.

5. Patent: Patent field on “Web Intelligent Based Method for Self Learning Feedback Analysis System” Reference No 201721038402, App. Number: Temp/E-1/39132/2017-MUM, CBR No 20554 Date: 30-10-2017. Name of Applicant: Dr. A. S. Alvi.


Research Proposal Submitted to AICTE

Sr.No Details of Proposals Cost Department
1. “Big Data Exploration Through Data Mining Principles”, Early Carrer Research Award 24,30,000 Information Technology
2. “Decision Support System for Agriculture Produce & Water Management”, Research Promotion Scheme (RPS) AICTE 19,00,000 Information Technology
3. “Investigating Data Integrity & Security in Cloud Computing”, Extra Mural Research Funding(SERB) 27,10,000 Information Technology

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