About: Information Technology Department

MISSION: “Our mission is to become leading education center by inspiring the students to become strategic technologist in all walks of life by making them innovative and research-oriented, to raise their ability to provide appropriate solutions to global needs professionally.“

The Department of Information Technology came into existence in the year 2000. Realizing well in time that the information technology wave has become a phenomenon in itself over the past years, the institute established a separate department to cater to the ever-growing demand for professionals in this challenging field. The department offers B.E.(Information Technology) started in 2000 and M.E. (Information Technology) full time course started in 2009 and M.E. (Information Technology) part time course started in 2012. Besides these the department has strong research interests in diverse branches of Computer Science & Information Technology and offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) program aimed at producing quality researchers.

The department has well qualified and motivated faculty members and support staff. The faculty members have authored more than (195 in last three years) research papers in journals and conferences. As the outcome of ongoing research in the department, 1 patent has been granted and more patents are published for evaluation so far. The laboratories are adequately equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with emphasis on innovation.

The first B.E. batch graduated in 2004 and the first M.E. batch graduated in 2011 with flying colors. Since then the students have consistently performed well and has demonstrated a high level of success in various industries and pursuing post graduate and doctoral studies at leading universities world-wide. The department has an excellent placement record and the placed students are in prestigious software industries all over the world leading a successful career.

The objectives of the program offered by the Department of Information Technology are:

  • To equip students with state of art knowledge and skill in Information Technology and to produce engineers with the outstanding ability
  • To create future leaders of IT industry and profession
  • To add to the existing intellectual pool of young minds to meet the growing demands of the nation in Information Technology and
  • To lay a foundation for lifelong learning ability and a capacity for adaptation in the ever-changing world

The programs aim to achieve these objectives by molding young talents into technocrats who can recognize and tackle issues related to different technical and social domains. The main emphasis of the program is to instill inquisitive thinking and curiosity with a sense of service to the nation and society at large, and with a capacity to recognize the need for a change and drive the change to make the world a better place to live.

Engineering Course Equivalence Information (09 July 2013) / / Update (11 July 2013)

Program Education Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1. Preparation : To prepare students become generalist engineers for successful career in IT industry that meet the need of Indian & Multinational companies or to excel in higher studies and research.

PEO2. Core Competence: To provide student graduates with solid foundation in mathematical, scientific, computing, core information technologies required to develop problem solving ability.

PEO3. Breadth: To analyze, design and develop, efficient and cost effective IT solutions using multidisciplinary approaches for the benefit of society.

PEO4. Professionalism: To inculcate the value systems, leadership and team work , good communication skills to bring holistic development of personality and to promote entrepreneurial thinking among students.

PEO5. Learning Environment: To provide students with excellent academic environment and to develop self learning and lifelong learning to innovate and contribute to creation of new knowledge for successful professional career.

Program Outcomes

On completion of the course a graduate of Information Technology program will be able to

PO1. Acquire and apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering, Information Technology in solving complex problems.

PO2. Identify, formulate, review literature and analyze engineering problems to reach substantiated conclusions.

PO3. Design a system or process to meet the desired needs with appropriate consideration for economic, public health and safety, social, cultural and environmental issues.

PO4. Review literature and indulge in research using research based knowledge and methods to design new experiments, analyze, and interpret data to draw valid conclusions.

PO5. Use suitable IT techniques, skills and modern tools necessary for computing practices as an IT professional with an awareness of limitations.

PO6. Apply contextual knowledge to address societal, legal, cultural, health and safety issues applicable to IT practices.

PO7. Comprehend the impact of IT solution for sustainable development of society and environment.

PO8. Understand professional and ethical responsibilities at work place.

PO9. Function effectively as an individual, as a member or leader in diverse teams and in a multidisciplinary environment.

PO10. Communicate effectively with engineering community & society at large in both verbal & written form.

PO11. Engage in lifelong learning of IT technologies to cope up with the fast changes in technology.

PO12. Apply the knowledge of engineering and management principles to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.

Program specific program outcome (PSPOs)

PO13. Apply core aspects of Information Technology and programming paradigms in order to facilitate processing, storage, retrieval, transmission and exchange of information transmission wired and wireless technology.

PO14. Develop analyze and find IT solutions to networking and security problems that demonstrate an appropriate balance among security needs business concerns, confidentially, availability and system integrity.


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 Syllabus for Information Technology



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Prof. Ram Meghe Institute of Technology & Research , Badnera- Amravati.

Information of MOU’s

Sr. No. Department /Cell MOU between PRMIT& R Duration Implications
Name of Faculty / Authority PRMIT&R Name & Authority of Agency From-To Technical Workshop, Guest lecture & Industry Internship










Information Technology

Dr. P. V. Ingole (HOD IT) Ibase Electrosoft LLP, Amravati -444605               (Mr. Nakul Deshmukh, Director) June 2017-19 Technical Workshop, Guest lecture & Industry Internship
2. Dr. P. V. Ingole (HOD IT) Pinnaculum Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Amravati 444607                          (Mr. Dinesh Sonkusare, Director) July 2017-19 Technical Workshop, Guest lecture & Industry Internship
3. Dr. P. V. Ingole (HOD IT) VisitfreshEnterprises, Amravati -444605         (Mr. Suyash Zawar , Director) January


Technical Workshop , Guest lecture
4. Dr. V. M. Deshmukh Ibase Electrosoft LLP, Amravati -444605  (Mr. Nakul Deshmukh, Director) June 2016-17 Technical Workshop, Guest lecture & Industry Internship
5. Dr. V. M. Deshmukh  Udaradhi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, 504, Nandanvan, Pimple Nilakh, Pune-27                                 (Mr. Nilesh Deshmukh, Director) June 2016-17 Technical Workshop, Guest lecture
6. Prof. V. M. Deshmukh Ibase Electrosoft LLP, Amravati -444605      (Mr. Nakul Deshmukh, Director)  June 2015-16 Technical Workshop, Guest lecture & Industry Internship
7. Prof. V. M. Deshmukh  Udaradhi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, 504, Nandanvan, Pimple Nilakh, Pune-27                          (Mr. Nilesh Deshmukh, Director)


 June 2015-16 Technical Workshop, Guest lecture
8. Prof. V. M. Deshmukh Concept Academy, Amravati  August 2014-15 Gate Coaching for the Third and Final year students
9. Prof. V. M. Deshmukh Think Code Technologies, Amravati                      (Mr. Yugandar Tikhe, Director) July 2014-15 Technical Workshop, Guest lecture
10. Prof. V. M. Deshmukh  CTronics System Amravati                       (Mr. Shrikant Pande, Director)  July 2014-15 Technical Workshop, Guest lecture, Industry Internship
11 Dr. A. S. Alvi Think Code Technologies, Amravati                        (Mr. Yugandar Tikhe, Director)  July 2013-14 Final year Project 2014-15
12 Dr. A. S. Alvi CTronics System Amravati                        (Mr. Shrikant Pande, Director) July 2012 -13 Final year Project 2013-14
13 Dr. A. S. Alvi SEED Info Tech, Pune July 2012-13 Training on .Net & JAVA
14 Prof. A. P. Bodkhe CTronics System Amravati                        (Mr. Shrikant Pande, Director) July 2011-12 Final year Project 2012-13
15 Prof. A. P. Bodkhe IIT , Bombay December 2008 Remote center of CDEEP


Job opportunities available sectors for IT Students

  • All IT & S/W Industries (Latest careers in industry)
    • Applications Engineer
    • Personnel Consultant
    • Chief IT Auditor
    • Lead Software Modeler
    • Senior Web Modeler
    • Communication and Messaging Administrator 
    • Data developer
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Network Manager
    • Software Developer
    • Hardware Engineer
    • Web Developer
    • Video Game Design
    • Software Testing
    • Systems Analyst
    • IT Security Manager
    • Software Sales

Following Activities are conducted by the department for the Job Awarness

  • Resume Writing Session
  • Email Writing Session
  • Personal Interview
  • Technical Interview
  • Soft skill Training
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Technical Tests
  • Technical Training on C, C++ , Java, Data Structure
  • Industry Internship
  • Guest Lectures & Technical Workshops



  Placement of Student Batch 2017-18( till 28-02-2018)

Placement of Student Batch 2016-17

Placement 2016-17 (1)

Placement of Student Batch 2015-16

Placement 01Placement 02

List of students selected for Industry Internship in Pinnaculum Pvt.Ltd.

Session 2017-18

Sr. No. Name of the Students
1 Govardhan Ramesh Khadakkar
2 Shubham Chikhalkar
3 Ishwar D. Joshi
4 Pavan Amrut Ghodekar
5 Kaushal Shrikant Balte
6 Ajinkya Sunilrao Diware
7 Suresh Bodade Nishant
8 Mohammmad Sharique Abdul Aabid
9 Shruti Manikrao Jiwatode
10 Prachi Rishikesh Manwar
11 Prafulla Shantaram Mali
12 Jiva Mohan Farkade
13 Mayur Eknath Patil
14 Akash Gajanan Mandvekar
15 Arun Sakharam Wandale
16 Sanjana Dhanraj Pise
17 Saurabh Bharat Khandare
18 Rushikesh Ashokrao Deshmukh
19 Satyam Suresh Jawalkar
20 Swaraj Shailesh Jalkote
21 Gaurav Vilasrao Pathare
22 Ketki Kishor Ashtikar
23 Onkar Ashokrao Dharange
24 Arti Manohar Tale
25 Meghana Mahendra Thul
26 Geetanjali Mahadev Panchal
27 Shivani Pradiprao Kotawar
28 Amruta Rajendra Kapoor
29 Pallavi Shrikrushna Rawakar
30 Nutan Someshwar Dakre
31 Madhuri Sunil Pinjarkar
32 Samiksha.Santosh. Jaiswal.
33 Snehal Kishorrao Supale
34 Ankita Ganesh Thakare
35 Kanchan Shalikram Vilhekar
36 Mohini Namdeo Kathole
37 Gauri Dinkarrao Ingole
38 Ajay Rameshwar Dhobale
39 Ankita Khandare
40 Swati Deoghare

List of students selected for Industry Internship in IBase Electrosoft LLP. 

Session 2017-18

Sr. No. Name of the Students
1 Shital Mohite
2 Adesh Nimaje
3 Rutuja Akkarwar
4 Akshay Kakpure
5 Vinay Wankhade
6 Mohammad Rizwan Shaikh
7 Ashwini Thakare
8 Anushka Tiwari
9 Praniti Gogarikar
10 Shraddha Farkade
11 Nikita Mahajan
12 Shital Mengaje
13 Rishabh Ukey
14 Vipin Rathod
15 Nikhat Shah
16 Omkar Darange
17 Shakshi Shirshat
18 Payal Gajbije
19 Vaishnavi Gawande
20 Nidhi Vighe
21 Mohit Chandvani
22 Ruchita Bhond
23 Swaraj Jalkote
24 Amruta Pagote
25 Pooja Sapre
26 Mayank Monka
27 Jayashree Shelekar
28 Abhinav Shiraskar
29 Prajwal Bhuskat
30 Saurabh Pawar
31 Pooja Ganvir
32 Sonal Dongre
33 Satyam Jawalkar
34 Vaibhavi laskar
35 Karan Shelare
36 Om Ambarkar
37 Pooja Borkute
38 Pradya Jangale
39 Ankita Thakare

List of Students selected for Industry Internship in Bytron Pvt. Ltd.,Amravati.

Session: 2016-17 Class: Third year

Group No.

Name Project Name


1 1)Dishant Arora a) Web site of MK legal Firm Using PHP and Bootstrap framework

b) Web site of spiritual Charnath Utsav

c) Website of Bytron

d) web site for Doctor’s Lab

6 Month
2 2)Dirgesh Gobre

3)Ritesh Neware

4) Swapnil Vithalkar

a) Android app for spiritual Charnath Utsav

b) Android app for Doctor’s Lab ‘way to health’

6 Month

List of Students selected for Industry Internship in Pinnaculum Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati.

Session: 2016-17 Class: Third year

Name of the Students Project Name


Swati Nandeshwar Online Shopping Android Application Development 3 Months
Dipali Gajbe
Sneha Men
Rujuta Bele
Nidhi Dube
Vedanti Duwani
Sakshi Patankar
Disha Balpande
Devayani Mulak
Mugdha Pahurkar
Mayur Satpaise
Dirgesh Gobre
Prachitkumar Meshram
Swapnil Vithalkar
Ritesh Niwane
Amol Borse
Shubham Joshi
Ajinkya Rajane

List of Students selected for Industry Internship in Ibase Electrosoft LLP. Amravati

Session 2015-16 Class: Third year

Group No.

Name Project Name


1 1)Yash Eadakhe

2)Kanaw Agrawal

Development of modules to integration social media for login, sharing, and reading data from user timeline and parsing it for processing 6 Month
2 3)Pratik mehakarkar

4)Sainath Landage

5)Parimal Joshi

6)Rushikesh Pandharilar

Development of GCM based API Notification System for web to android mobile communication 6 Month
 3 7)Prajkta Thakare

8)Shubhangi Solanki

9)Supriya warche

10)Sonali Gawande

 Development of feedback system module in college management ERP solution e-College  6 Month
 4 11)Anirudha Dev

12)Anup Rahul

 Development of feedback system module in college management ERP solution e-College  6 Month

List of Students selected for Industry Internship in Etkin Infotech Ltd, Amravati

Session: 2015-16 Class: Third year

Group No.

Name of the Students Project Name


1 1) Pranay S. Borkar

2) Sanket R. Hiwe

3) Swapnil Gonnade

Hotel Management Android APP 3 Month
2 4)Abhishek S. Deotale

5) Abhaykumar Adole

6) Rupam Nagdive

7) Aniket Duryodhan

Job Search Application 3 Month
 3 8)Shubham S. Shinde

9) Ketan V. Chavhan

10) Gopal D. Tayade

Hotel Management  3 Month
 4 11) Swati C. Koshti and 3 students from CS deptt Hotel Management


 3 Month
 5 12) Shrikant Gulhane

13) Nikhil Kawna

 Job Search  3 Month
 6  14) Rutuja Sakhare

15) Harsha Keswani

16) Pooja Ghordade

17) Neha Lokhande

 Job Search  3 Month
 7 18) Pappu Amzare with 3 students of CS deptt.  Smart care medical Application  3 Month
 8 19)Swity Randive

20) Prachi Dadmal

21) Sheetal Thengre

22) Karishma Shete

 Job Search Application  3 Month
 9 23) Komal Shete

24) Jayashri Kamdi

25) Shradha Awghate

 Hotel Management  3 Month

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