• R. Dhotre, Dr. G. R. Bamnote, Patent filed on “Machine Learning Based Method for Interactive Content Aware Image Searching System”, Application No. 201721002614, CBR Number: 1666 CBR Date: 24-01-2017
  • M. A. Pund, Shashikant Athwale Patent Published on “ An improved Vampire attack detection and prevention of wireless AD HOC Networks using an intelligent mobile agents” Application No: 201721009602 A Date of Filling: 20/03/2017 and Publication Date:10/11/2017.
  • P. K. Agrawal, Dr. A. S. Alvi, Patent filed on “Web Intelligent Based Method for Self Learning Feedback Analysis System” Reference No 201721038402, App. Number: Temp/E-1/39132/2017-MUM, CBR No 20554 Date:30-10-2017.
  • N. M. Tarbani, Dr. A. S. Alvi, Patent filed on “Pattern Matching and Current Location based Method for Prediction of next Mobile Access Gateway” Reference No 201721045770, App. Number: Temp/E-1/46722/2017-MUM, CBR No 23638 Date: 20-12-2017.

Research Proposals


  • Received AICTE’s Research Promotion Scheme Grant for Rs.11,20,000/- as Co-Principal Investigator Reference No. 20/AICTE/RIFD/RPS(POLICY-III)65/2012-13.
  • Received Rs.5,00,000/- Grant under MODROBS for Computer Laboratory . Reference 8024/RIFD/MOD-322/2010-11


Copyright Field:


  • Prof. R. R. Karwa, Dr. M.B. Chandak for Software Product titled “Hybrid Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation based on Corpus Evidence and Lexical Knowledge” Diary No. 5644/2015/CO/SW

Recognized Ph.D. Lab

The laboratories are recognized by SGB Amravati University for Ph.D. Research in Computer Science & Engineering disciplines, vide Letter No. SGBAU/Ph.D/47/2012 of SGB Amravati University.


Discipline                                                                             Capacity of Research Lab
Computer Science & Engineering 20  Seats


Recognized Guides in Computer Science & Engineering

  • G.R.Bamnote
    • Area of Interest: Computer Science & Engineering
  • C.A.Dhote
    • Area of Interest: Computer Science & Engineering
  • A.S.Alvi
    • Area of Interest: Computer Science & Engineering
  • M.A.Pund
    • Area of Interest: Computer Science & Engineering
  • S.R.Gupta
    • Area of Interest: Computer Science & Engineering

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