Full Time PG programme 

The ME programme in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is a challenging one with courses that have high standards, interesting and stimulating content.
Graduate vs. Undergraduate Study 
A graduate student (yourself) is assumed to be fairly mature academically, and self-motivated to a large extent. Unlike undergraduate studies, your emphasis here should be on obtaining deeper understanding of challenging and interesting subjects, and less on obtaining high grades. The de-emphasizing of grades is more important, since most of you have been top rankers at your respective colleges. Naturally not all of you can become top rankers here, nor is it necessary as long as you gain a sound understanding and mastery of the subjects. Graduate studies have other equally important or superior metrics for measuring performance: how well you do in courses from a focused area of your interest and choice; how well you do in your dissertation work; may be even how well you do in academic work that you undertake beyond the classroom and project. This doesn’t mean you do not strive to get the best grades. Getting superior grades is important but is only one of many aspects of the learning process here.
Doing Research as a Part of Dissertation Work
The next important issue is the idea of pursuing research. As a part of ME Programme, you are required to do a Dissertation Work. Over the years, the nature of this dissertation work has become more research-oriented, and you are expected to publish papers in international conferences and journals from your dissertation work. Gradually, facilities have been enhanced to do this kind of dissertation work. In the good old days, papers need to be xeroxed (many times not available) and read, but now everything is available at your fingertips (you still need to read them). At the same time, Gigabytes of storage space is also available. The only additional input you require from your end is your determination to carry out an excellent dissertation work. It is useful to identify your guide and topic of dissertation early.
Total annual intake for this part-time M.E. course in Computer Science & Engg. as per the approval of AICTE is 24.


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