VISION: "To ensure that the world saves time and other depletable resources and free it from complexity by providing efficient computing services."

MISSION: "To become a pace setting centre by providing knowledge, skills and wisdom to the incumbent by imparting values based education to enable them to solve complex system by simple algorithm and to make them innovative, research oriented to serve the global society, by imbibing highest ethical values.
Department of Computer Science was established in the year 1985-86. The first batch of B.E. (Computer) came out in the year 1988-89 with flying colors. Since then, the department has never looked back. The department is crowned with as many University toppers and several rankers with B.E. honors. The students are well placed after their graduation, serving in reputed private firms, Government undertakings and Government organizations like Indian Air Force, NIC, BARC etc. at home and in the countries like Sweden, U.S.A, Canada, Australia etc.The Department runs B.E.(Computer Science & Engineering) and M.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) courses with well experienced faculty. The department has full fleged computer laboratories catering to the computing needs of department as well as the institute, with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science & Engineering. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation the department has always produced quality professionals, holding important positions in Information Technology industry in India and abroad.The Department started the two years Master of Engineering (ME) programme in the year 1994, which was among the first such programme in this region, with the aim to develop core competence in Computer Science and prepare the students to carry out development work, as well as take up challenges in research. Besides these the Department has strong research interests in diverse branches of Computer Science & Engineering and offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programme aimed at producing quality researchers.
Program Educational Objectives
Alumni Information Form 

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Preparation: To prepare students for successful careers in software industry that meet the needs of Indian and multinational companies or to excel in Higher studies.
  2. Core competence: To develop the ability among students to synthesize data and technical concepts for software design and development.
  3. Breadth: To inculcate in students professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork skills, multidisciplinary approach and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context.
  4. Professionalism: To provide students with a sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and computer engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems and also peruse higher studies.
  5. Learning Environment: To promote student with an academic environment aware of excellence, leadership, written ethical codes and guidelines and the life-long learning needed for a successful to professional career.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

  • The graduate will have an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.
  • The graduate will have an ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  • The graduate will have an ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety,  manufacturability,  and sustainability.
  • The graduate will have an ability to function on multidisciplinary teams.
  • The graduate will have an ability to identify, formulates, and solves engineering problems.
  • The graduate will have an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  • The graduate will have an ability to communicate effectively.
  • The graduate will have the broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  • The graduate will have recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
  • The graduate will have knowledge of contemporary issues.
  • The graduate will have an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  • The graduate will understand fundamentals of computer science & engineering and solve computing problems through analysis, design and implementation.
  • The graduate will be able to successfully adapt to the change in the field of computer science & engineering.
  • The graduate will be able to make valuable contribution in the computer science & engineering field.



A graduate of the Computer Science and Engineering Program will demonstrate:

  1. Foundation of Computer System: Ability to understand the principles and working, assembly of computer systems. Students can understand the hardware and software installation as well as up-gradation of computer systems.
  2. Foundations of Software development: Ability to understand the problem structure and development methodologies of software systems. Possess professional problem solving skill and knowledge of software design process. By imparting ethical values and practical competence with a broad range of programming language and open source platforms
  3. Entrepreneurship and Research Ability: Ability to use knowledge in various domains to identify problems and research gaps and hence to provide solution to new ideas and innovations by imbibing highest ethical values.


Second Year B.E.   :III Sem to IV Sem    Click to Download......

Third Year B.E.     : V Sem to VI Sem     Click to Download......

Final Year  B.E.    : VII Sem to VIII Sem   Click to Download......


M.E.Computer Science & Engineering (Full Time Click to Download.......

Projects: BE (2016-17)

Project Title Guide
Employee Performance Mining System Prof. G. J. Sawale
Crm Management System Prof. D.H.Deshmukh
Implementation For Household Service Provider By Using Android App Prof. S.S. Dandge
Object Finder,CollectorRobot Prof. P. K. Agrawal
Attendance Management System Using Gps Prof.S.W.Ahmad
"Faceless Dispute" Over Social Networking App Prof. Ms. K. H. Deshmukh
Shodhbeta Application System Prof. S. V. Deshmukh
Automation Of Pizza Delivery System Prof. S. V. Pattalwar
Form Site Dr. G. R. Bamnote
De-Duplication Of Textual Data For Local Or Global Storage Dr. M. A. Pund
Object Detection Using Sift Algorithm Prof. A. A. Chaudhari
Online Election Card Generation And Voting System Prof. Ms. R. A. Kale
Virtual Learn Prof. N. S. Khachane
Smart Farming Dr. A. S.Alvi
Lifesaver An Android Application Prof. Ms. R. A. Meshram

Projects: ME (2016-17)

Project Title Guide
Prediction of Students Performance Using Data Mining Dr.G.R.Bamnote
Protecting Confidential Information in PoC Systems Using ECG Steganography Dr.M.A.Pund


Data Exploration Using Data Analytics Based Techniques Dr.S.R.Gupta
E-Auction System for Software Development Dr.A.S.Alvi
Patient's Medication Analysis Using Data Mining Model Prof.S.P.Akarte

Memorandum of Understanding

Ctronics Systems.

Etkin Infotech


There is large employment potential for Computer Science & Engineering graduates in all sectors of industry. Computer Science Engineers have numerous career opportunities in areas like Software Industries, IT Enabled Servicefirms, Research Sector and Communication industry. In private sector, they can work in top firms like Accenture, Infosys, TCS, IBM India, CapGemini, Congnizant, Amdocs, etc.

In Government sector they can operate in some of the reputed firms like NTPC, ONGC, ISRO, Banking Sector, Communication Industry like BSNL, MTNL etc. They have a good career scope abroad too where they can work in reputed companies like Google, Yahoo, Philips, Samsung, Nikon, Acer, etc. They can seek opportunities to work in profiles like Software Developer, Application Developer, Enterprise Architect, Data Analyst, Database Administrator, CGI Special effect developers, Client Server Systems Manager etc.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is very effectively renders regarding career planning.


Following Activities are conducted by the department for the Job Awareness

  • Industrial Training/ internship
  • Guest Lecture & Seminar by Expertise
  • Group Discussion / Role Play Session
  • Resume Writing Session
  • Email Writing Session
  • Personal Interview
  • Technical Interview
  • Team Work Activity
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Technical Tests
  • Technical Training on C, C++ , Java, Data Structure
  • Practice Session for Oral Communication & Public Speaking
  • Industrial Visits

   Details of Students Placed in Different Companies in 2016-2017(Till Date)

S.N. Name of Students Company Name Location
1 Poonam Malge TCS Pune
2 Akshay Lahudkar TCS Pune
3 Shankhar Wagh TCS Pune
4 Vijay Palan TCS Pune
5 Shubham Dubey TCS Pune
6 Tanveer Khan Neo Technologies Pune
7 Piyush Dabhade EPIC Research Indore
8 Sakib Ataul Qureshi EPIC Research Indore
9 Tejas Bhaware EPIC Research Indore
10 Chaitanya Parve EPIC Research Indore
11 Pranali Kherde EPIC Research Indore
12 Pallavi Makode EPIC Research Indore
13 Rohit Kelkar EPIC Research Indore
14 Shivam Deshpande EPIC Research Indore
15 Prachi Mehare EPIC Research Indore
16 Chaitanya Parve Tudip Technologies Pune
17 Harsh Purohit Tudip Technologies Pune
18 Pritesh Malvi Tudip Technologies Pune
19 Vallabh Pathak Tudip Technologies Pune
20 Yogesh Varadhe Tudip Technologies Pune
21 Amit Bhavekar TekLink International Inc Pune
22 Rohit V. Kelkar Zensar Technology Pune
23 Shubham V. Topare Zensar Technology Pune
24 Shubham G. Thakur Zensar Technology Pune
25 Tejal N. Bannore Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
26 Radhika S. Chavan Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
27 Kanchan Gaikawad Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
28 Poonam R. Kashte Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
29 Rohit V. Kelkar Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
30 Shubham G. Thakur Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
31 Gayatri G. Jayde Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
32 Shubham S. Mahajan Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
33 Ankita G. Panpaliya Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
34 Piyush S Dabhade Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
35 Anchal S. Darda Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
36 Pooja J. Laddha Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
37 Archana A Patil Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
38 Koomal Rathi Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
39 Deyani Umathe Pompeii Technologies Mumbai
40 Amey Mankar Yardi Solution Mumbai
41 Pooja Rathi Paramatrix Tech PVT Ltd Pune
42 Gayatri G. Jayde Paramatrix Tech PVT Ltd Pune
43 Iskra Vijay Daware EPIC Research Indore
44 Kalyani Gajajnan Kalamkar EPIC Research Indore
45 Harsh Purohit Bitwise Solution Pvt.Ltd Pune
46 Pooja Rathi Bitwise Solution Pvt.Ltd Pune
47 Rohit Kelkar Bitwise Solution Pvt.Ltd Pune
48 Shivani Chaware Amazon Development Centre (India)Pvt Ltd Pune
49 Meghna Raguwanshi Mphasis Unleash the Next Pune
50 Anuj Mor Pinnaculum Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
51 Laxmi Yelle Pinnaculum Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
52 Shubham Purohit Pinnaculum Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
53 Ashish Khond Pinnaculum Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati

Details of Students Placed in Different Companies in 2015-2016

S.N. Name of Students Company Name Location
1 Neha Dudhe TCS Pune
2 Jatankumar Sedani TCS Pune
3 Garima Arora TCS Pune
4 Mayur Thorat TCS Pune
5 Diya Chandani TCS Pune
6 Hrishikesh Dhopte TCS Pune
7 Sagar Ingale TCS Pune
8 Lushar Sahare TCS Pune
9 Pooja Gadam TCS Pune
10 Nikita Thakare TCS Pune
11 Swati Budhwat TCS Pune
12 Prachi Sharma TCS Pune
13 Brijal Jogi TCS Pune
14 Kiran Pinjani TCS Pune
15 Nilakshi Ganagtre TCS Pune
16 Piyush Gondchawar TCS Pune
17 Riya Mandviya TCS Pune
18 Sarvesh Khatri TCS Pune
19 Monika Borkar TCS Pune
20 Sanchit Devikar TCS Pune
21 Srushti Nimbhorkar TCS Pune
22 Komal Laddha TCS Pune
23 Usama Khan TCS Pune
24 Suraj Oza TCS Pune
25 Shoheb Khan TCS Pune
26 Rajat Lakkewar TCS Pune
27 Pratik mallawat TCS Pune
28 Abhishek Baidyaroy TCS Pune
29 Himanshu Raja TCS Pune
30 Dhanshree Taldeja TCS Pune
31 Doreen Kharmawlong Polaries Pune
32 Ahmer Mailk Khan Persistent Pvt.Ltd Nagpur
33 Ashwini Chobitkar L&T Infotech Pune
34 Kiran Ubargande L&T Infotech Pune
35 Sneha Wagh L&T Infotech Pune
36 Shivraj Deshmukh L&T Infotech Pune
37 Shikha Ghuraka L&T Infotech Pune
38 Tanushree Mundhada L&T Infotech Pune
39 Sidharth Agrawal Eternus Pvt. Ltd Pune
40 Ameeta Doshi Capgimini Pune
41 Sahil Sangani Tungsten Pvt. Ltd. Pune
42 Priyanka Moon Tungsten Pvt. Ltd. Pune
43 Pragati Thote Tungsten Pvt. Ltd. Pune
44 Amol Dhawale Financial Software & Systems Pune
45 Tejaswini Bhagwat Financial Software & Systems Pune
46 Pritam W. Kamthe CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.  
47 Vrushabh A. Boharpi CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.  
48 Akshay M. Jadhao CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.  
49 Shubham Deshmukh CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.  
50 Shruti Nimbhorkar CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd.  
51 Rishikesh Chincholkar CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
52 Tejaswini Bhagwat CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
53 Aditi Andhare CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
54 Nidhi S. Rathi CMS IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
55 kiran S. Rathod Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
56 Shubham P. Bajad Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
57 Ajay Bangar Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
58 Pragati S Thote Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
59 Nandakishor R. Ban Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
60 Vaibhav Zatale Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
61 Dakshta  Taldeja Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
62 Anand Agrawal Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
63 Harekrushna Bhagat Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
64 Shreya Kewalramani Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
65 Priya Khatri Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
66 Ankita Tukale Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
67 Sahil Sangani Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
68 Kishorkumar Kaware Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
69 Ritesh V. Nanwani Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
70 Priyanka Moon Pompeii Technologies Pvt.Ltd Mumbai
71 Snehal Ramteke HCL Pvt. Ltd Pune
72 Ajinkya Jawanjal HCL Pvt. Ltd Pune
73 Rahul Rahangdale HCL Pvt. Ltd Pune
74 Prachi Barbuddhe HCL Pvt. Ltd Pune
75 Sahil Sangani HCL Pvt. Ltd Pune
76 Siddharth Agrawal HCL Pvt. Ltd Pune
77 Siddharth Agrawal FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
78 Ajinkya Chopde FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
79 Aachal N.Chhawsaria FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
80 Abhilash A. Mehare TCS Pune
81 Siddharth Agrawal TCS Pune
82 KiranKumar Rahangdale EPIC Reseaerch Pvt. Ltd Indore
83 Diksha Nikam EPIC Reseaerch Pvt. Ltd Indore
84 Naved Iqbal Etkin InfoTech Pvt. Ltd Amravati
85 Vishal D. Bokey Etkin InfoTech Pvt. Ltd Amravati
86 Snehal C. Ramteke Etkin InfoTech Pvt. Ltd Amravati
87 Shubham M. Aratpayare Etkin InfoTech Pvt. Ltd Amravati
88 Nishikant Sarode Triangle Tele Incorporations Pvt. Ltd Indore
89 Dakshta  Taldeja Just Dial Pune
90 Vrishuabh Bhopari Just Dial Pune
91 Saurabh Jadhao Amdocs Pune
92 Pritam Chindhe Pritam Chindhe Pune

Details of Students Placed in Different Companies in 2014-2015

Sr.No. Name of students Company Name Location
1 Gaurav Chaudhari TCS Pune
2 Vaishali Bagade TCS Pune
3 Tejas Kawalkar TCS Pune
4 Kunal Khadse TCS Pune
5 Devyani Agrawal TCS Pune
6 Ritesh Basantwani TCS Pune
7 Neha Mattani TCS Pune
8 Kalyani U. Sapre L&T Infotech Pune
9 Ashish thakare Zensar Technology Ltd. Pune
10 Ankita Gadagkar Zensar Technology Ltd. Pune
11 Achal Jain Zensar Technology Ltd. Pune
12 Nabil Sayyad Zensar Technology Ltd. Pune
13 Kartik Watt Zensar Technology Ltd. Pune
14 Riya Khandelwal Zensar Technology Ltd. Pune
15 Sukarnn Taneja Zensar Technology Ltd. Pune
16 Pooja D. Yaul Capgemini Pune
17 Aniket K. Gulhane Capgemini Pune
18 Ruchi S. Agrawal Capgemini Pune
19 Rutuja V. Rewane Capgemini Pune
20 Abhishek K. Dharme Capgemini Pune
21 Poonam D. Nagpure Capgemini Pune
22 Priya Walke Polaris Financial Tech Ltd Pune
23 Sujata Pokale Polaris Financial Tech Ltd Pune
24 Sagar Mawade Polaris Financial Tech Ltd Pune
25 Shruti Malegankar Polaris Financial Tech Ltd Pune
26 Pratik Jaisinghani Exccellon SoftwarePvt Ltd Pune
27 Vipin Ashokrao Dahake Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited Pune
28 Badal Mahendrasingh Khojare Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited Pune
29 Priyanka Chandak Paramtrix IT Solution Pune
30 Ravi waghmare Winjit Technology Pune
31 Diya Bharti Winjit Technology Pune
32 Kiran Fatkar Grace EduNet Nagpur
33 Saurabh Pathare Grace EduNet Nagpur
34 Pranay sagar Bhelave Grace EduNet Nagpur
35 Shambhavi Thakare Grace EduNet Nagpur
36 Lokesh tanna Grace EduNet Nagpur
37 Rushikesh Sarode Esense IT Solution Pvt. Ltd Pune
38 Anuj Patekar Nitor Infotech Pvt.Ltd Pune
39 Priyanka Chandak Nitor Infotech Pvt.Ltd Pune
40 Surabhi V. Khadkhe FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
41 Gunjan R. Mangate FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
42 Neha A. Mattani FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
43 Shehnaz A. Siddique FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
44 Achal P. Jain FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
45 Kuhushboo Gupta FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
46 Sukarnn Taneja FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
47 Yadi A. Baber FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
48 Rushikesh R. Sarode FACE (Focus Academy for career Enhancement ) Pune
49 Sukarnn Taneja Oracle (as a Associate Soft Engineer) Pune
50 Saurabh Pathare KPIT Technolohies Pune
51 Khushboo Gupta KPIT Technolohies Pune
52 Vaibhav Jaiswal KPIT Technolohies Pune
53 Aniket Gulhane KPIT Technolohies Pune
54 Pooja Yaul KPIT Technolohies Pune
55 Madhrika Wadgaonkar KPIT Technolohies Pune
56 Anisha Adwani KPIT Technolohies Pune
57 Ankita Gadagkar KPIT Technolohies Pune
58 Anuj Patekar Indain Navy  
59 Ashish Thakare Indain Navy  
60  Harshad Giri Indain Navy  
61 Rushikesh Sarode Eternus Soln  
62 Ms.Shambhavi D.Thakare Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
63 Mr.Kalpak A. Waghmare Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
64 Mr.Bhushan A. Dahikar Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
65 Ms.Khusshboo M. Gupta Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
66 Ms.Riya A. Khandelwal Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
67 Mr.Abu Sufyan Shaikh Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
68 Ms.Shital V. Bopche Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
69 Mr.Piyush G. Paralikar Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
70 Ms.Krutika S. Dara Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
71 Mr.Aniket K. Gulhane Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune
72 Ms. Payal M. Bhandari Syntel Pvt.Ltd Pune

   Details of Students Placed in Different Companies in 2013-2014

Sr.No. Name of students Company Name Location
1 Sanket Chandak TCS Hydrabad
2 Ojas kale TCS Pune
3 Ms.Ashwini Bhutada TCS Pune
4 Piyush Vichurkar TCS Hydrabad
5 Sanket Thodge TCS Pune
6 Ms.Kshitija Taywade TCS Pune
7 Ms.Anju Salve TCS Pune
8 Ms.Sonam Sahu TCS Pune
9 Shrutika Shah TCS Pune
10 Mayank Dundale TCS Pune
11 Shrikant Mahalle TCS Pune
12 Ms.Roshni Gehi TCS Pune
13 Dushyant Betharia TCS Pune
14 Tejas Jathe TCS Trivandrum
15 Abhishek Kathale Indian Navy  
16 Ritesh Bastwani Indian Army  
17 Ms.Deepa Waswani Genpact Pune
18 Ms. Kanchan Belokar Tech Mahindra Pune
19 Pratik Malviya Tech Mahindra Pune
20 Ms.Mrunal Katekar Tech Mahindra Pune
21 Ms.Priyanka Singh Tech Mahindra Pune
22 Ms.Deepa Waswani Tech Mahindra Pune
23 Jitesh Bhaiya Tech Mahindra Pune
24 Ms.Pooja Misal Tech Mahindra Pune
25 Ms.Kalyani Wakar Tech Mahindra Pune
26 Vaibhav Rohankar Tech Mahindra Pune
27 Ms.Ankita Rambole Tungsten Info. Mgt. Pune
28 Ms.Rasika Patil Tungsten Info. Mgt. Pune
29 Ms.Kanchan Belokar Tungsten Info. Mgt. Pune
30 Ms.Kirti Kiran Tungsten Info. Mgt. Pune
31 Jitesh Bhaiya Tungsten Info. Mgt. Pune
32 Sanket Nakhate Tungsten Info. Mgt. Pune
33 Rajiv Ganjare Grace EduNet Nagpur
34 Archie Gupta Grace EduNet Nagpur
35 Akash Gade Grace EduNet Nagpur
36 Gaurav Bajaj Grace EduNet Nagpur
37 Pallavi Nanwani Grace EduNet Nagpur
38 Sampada Landge Grace EduNet Nagpur
39 Komal Shamnani Grace EduNet Nagpur
40 Ashwini Wagh Grace EduNet Nagpur
41 Amrita Kaushik Nagda Winjit Technologies Nashik
42 Payal K. Pokale Winjit Technologies Nashik
43 Komal Shamnani Winjit Technologies Nashik
44 Pratik M. Chavan Winjit Technologies Nashik

List of  Students Selected in for Industry Internship





List of  Sponser Project 

Session :- 2015-2016

S.N. Project Title Internal College Guide Name of Mentor Name of projectee Name of Company
1 Privacy Enhanced Web Service Compsition Prof.Ms.Y.S.Alone Mr. Dinesh Sonkusare Priyanka Sharma, Garima Arora, Amit Mandhan, Shubham Aratpayare Etkin InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
2 Medicine Expert Reminder and Disease Recommendation System Prof.P.K.Agrawal Mr. Dinesh Sonkusare Priyanka Moon, Archana Ghodmare, Nikita Bhange, Avadhut Palaskar, Pritam Kamthe Etkin InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
3 Exit Survey Analysis Dr. M.A.Pund Mr. Dinesh Sonkusare Rahul Rahangdale, Mayur Thorat, Sarvesh Khatri, Nitin Wankhade Etkin InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
4 "Car Sawari" Carpooling Anroid Application Prof. S.S.Dandge Mr. Dinesh Sonkusare Sagar Ingale, Nandkishor Ban, Rishikesh Chincholkar, Shubham Prayal Etkin InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
6 Fraud Detection System using hidden Markov Model Prof.Ms.S.W.Ahmed Mr.Shrikant Pande Doreen Kharmawlong, Gajbhiye Supriya, Aarti Pardhi,Ajinkya Chopde Ctronics Systems Pvt.Ltd.
7 Search Engine Using Personalization To Improve Xml  Retrieval Prof.Ms.N.V.Pardakhe Mr.Shrikant Pande Ankita D. Wankhade, Neha M. Dudhe, Pranjali S. Wankhade, Rucha s. Zade Ctronics Systems Pvt.Ltd.

Session :- 2014-2015

S.N. Project Title Internal College Guide Name of Mentor Name of projectee Name of Company
1 Online Passport Verification using NOSQL Prof.S.S.Dandge Mr.Shrikant Pande Mr.Nabil Sayyad
Ms. Achal Jain
Ms.Tejaswini Ramekar
Mr. Kiran Ghole
Ctronics Systems Pvt.Ltd.
2 Android Based Image Identification System Prof.Ms.K.R.Hole Mr.Shrikant Pande Ms.Dipalee S. Hirde
Ms. Ankita D. Chafale
Ms.Minal R. Hirulkar
Mr. Sayali B. Shelke
Ctronics Systems Pvt.Ltd.
3 Signature Recognition and Verification Using ANN Prof.Ms.K.S.Muzumdar Mr.Shrikant Pande Ms.Shweta A. Junghare
Ms. Priyanka H. Chandan
Ms. Kiran P. Fatkar
Ms. Vaishali E. Rudrakar
Ctronics Systems Pvt.Ltd.
4 Secure Single Sign on Mechanism for Distributed Computing Prof.A.A.Chaudhari Mr.Shrikant Pande Ms.Shital A. Raut
Ms. Shweta A. Ramteke
Ms. Deepali V. Garode
Ms. Jotsna S. WAnkhade
Ctronics Systems Pvt.Ltd.

Session :- 2013-2014

S.N. Project Title Internal College Guide Name of Mentor Name of projectee Name of Company
1 Cloud Based Expense Tracking Mobile Application Prof.K.A.Waghmare Mr.Yugandhar Tikhe Tejas Jalamkar, Gaurav Gawande, Kushal Dhuldhar, Chandrakant Ganvir ThinkCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
2 Android Application for emergency help during accidents Prof.Ms.R.R.Tuteja Mr.Yugandhar Tikhe Amrita Nagda, Puja Misal, Nilima Shirbhate, Madhavi Bhilavekar ThinkCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
3 Android Based Remote Desktop Prof. S. R. Gupta Mr.Yugandhar Tikhe Rohit Potwar, Archie Gupta, Abhishek Kakad, Jay Bonkile ThinkCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
4 Game in HTML5 Prof.Ms.R.R.Tuteja Mr.Yugandhar Tikhe Savankumar Chavhan, Vipul Sawake, Ruppal Kulkarni, Gaurav Bajaj ThinkCode Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Amravati
5 Data mining approach for prediction of heart disease based on risk factor Prof.S.P.Akarte Mr.Shrikant Pande Chetan Chahande, Abhilash Gaure, Shardul Shende, Swapnil Undirwade Ctronics SystemsBuilding Ititude, Amravati

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