The institute is located on the NH-6 around 11 km from the Amravati city.
The institute is well equipped with the bus services.
For the ease of the students from various location in the city the institute has co-ordinated with the AMC city bus.
The city bus provides facility to the students for the keep up and drop up service.
The city bus has provided a route time table so that it will be helpful for the students to known the timings of the bus services.


The institute has a spacious canteen for the convenience of the students.
The canteen is open from to the canteen serves a variety of dishes from a sizzling hot tea to a mouth-watering Samosa, it proves it all. Idli-vadas, Dosas, Parathas, Puris, Bondas, Manchurians, Fried rice ,noodles for a hungry tummy, Kachori, puffs and confectionery for a munching mouth, ice-creams and cool drinks to cool you and your mates down, after a long day of heating up through various channels. Canteen offers it all, with minimal hole in your pockets.
The library offers a wide range of campus and teaching resources that can help our students and faculty achieve a high level of success on campus. Library is committed to providing quality service and an excellent collection of materials to support the mission, goals, educational, and research needs of students, staff, faculty, and administration, users and in support of the College’s diverse curriculum. The Library is open to all PRMITR students and staff.
All library services like acquisition, cataloguing, issue, return, renewal; catalogue search (On-Line Public Access Catalogue) has been fully computerized with help of bar-code facility. A Digital library has been established in Library premises with effective e-Learning materials, e-database, e-journals, e-books etc. It can be accessed from in the library 10AM to 4pm.
Library has a collection of books worth more than Rs. Fifty Six lakhs. The capacity for the reading hall is around 150m and the library functions from 8 am to 8 pm except on Sundays and Public holidays. The library is updated periodically with newest journals, books and CD ROMs for various faculties of engineering. Internet facility and reprographic facility is also available in the library.

The Medical facilities is well equipped. It has separate inpatient facility for male and female students. The health centre provides quality health care in a comfortable and confidential environment. The centre has 3 beds and adequately supplied medicine cabinet.

The health centre is manned by a medical officer and a healthcare assistant to provide excellent medical care to all the students, staff and faculty at no cost. The Medical Officer manages the various aspects of the facility. They provide quality health care to everyone, evaluates the quality of services, maintains the overall efficiency of the centre and decides the procedures to be followed in case of emergency. Also, vaccinations and yearly checks ups are done at this facility. Ambulance facility is also available in the college and can be availed by a student/patient on recommendation of the medical officer. Our college also serves the noble cause of blood donation. Blood Donation camps are organised two-three times in a year. Volunteers can donate their blood and get certificates too.

Auditorium is a multi-use concert hall with wonderful and a warm and welcoming ambience. It is a perfect venue for non – academic and academic events such as musical, dance and theatre performances, as well as lectures, conferences, videos respectively. They also play an important role in their personality development. For getting the right passion pass through, the institution houses fully auditorium with a sitting capacity of more than 2500 persons.

The institute has an ATM service for the convenience of the students.The ATM provides an facility for the cash withdrawal and bank services.The institute hascommunicated with the SBI bank. The bank has installed an ATM system with 24*7 service.  

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