Tushar Deshmukh


Subjects Taught Automation Engg, Production Planning and Control, Robotics, Production Technology, Ind. Mgt and Costing, Computer Aided Manufacturing(PG),

Faculty Details

Qualification B.E., M.E., MBA, PhD
Area of Interest Rapid Prototyping, CAM
Papers Published National :10, International : 32
Teaching Mechanical Engineering
Teaching Experience 20 Years
Industrial Experience 2 Years
Contact E-mail :tushar.d69@gmail.com
Mob. No. : 9370103044

Paper Published

Sr.No Paper Name Paper Link
1 Coding System for rapid prototyping industry Click Here
2 Preplanning and simulation of surgery using rapid modeling Click Here
3 Size optimization of reconstruction plate implant using finite element analysis Click Here
4 Prediction of Femur Bone Geometry using Anthropometric Data of Indian Population: A Numerical Approach Click Here
5 Rapid prototyping assisted fabrication of customised temporomandibular joint implant: A case report Click Here
6 Design and manufacturing of customized femoral stems for the Indian population using rapid manufacturing: a finite element approach Click Here
7 Build Orientation Analysis for Minimum Cost Determination in FDM Click Here
8 A novel rapid prototyping and finite element method based development of the patient specific temporomandibular joint implant Click Here
9 Determination of build orientation of rapid prototyping (RP) components for optimum build time Click Here
10 Study of Problems of Lower Back Pain of Two Wheeler Riders- A Critical Review Click Here
11 Study & Analysis Of Implants Used In Human Body Click Here
12 Optimization Of Municipal Solid Waste Management- A Literature Review Click Here
13 Rapid Prototyping Assisted Fabrication of the Customized Metatarsophalangeal Joint Implant (SamKu): A Case Report Click Here
14 Design and Optimization of piston using finite element analysis Click Here
15 Design and Analysis of piston using finite element analysis Click Here
16 Design of Two-Wheeler Seat: A Review Click Here
17 Review of custom made implants Click Here
18 Analysis of custom made implant using FEA Click Here
19 A Review on Design and Analysis of Two Wheeler Chassis Click Here
20 A Comparative Study on Structural Health of Bicycle Frame Using Finite Element Analysis- A Review Click Here
21 Investigation on Design and Analysis of Two Wheeler Chassis Click Here
22 A study on structural health of bicycle frame using Finite Element Analysis Click Here
23 Design and analysis of a Mechanical Device to harvest energy from human footstep motion Click Here
24 Integrated approach for fabrication of femur using rapid prototyping and casting Click Here
25 Rapid Prototyping for Pattern Making Click Here
26 A review on optimization of machining parameters for end milling operation Click Here
27 Experimental investigation & analysis of machining parameters of CNC end milling operation: An overview Click Here
28 Applied Taguchi method for fatigue testing of customized hip implant Click Here
29 Gemba Management –A Novel Approach Click Here
30 Personalized Implant of Femur Bone using Fused Deposition Modeling Click Here
31 Conceptual Study on Customization of Femoral Bone using Rapid Prototyping Click Here
32 Development of Mandible Joint using Rapid Prototyping Technology Click Here
33 Emerging trends of problem solving techniques Click Here
34 An air supported belt conveyor- A simulation model Click Here
35 Business on the Net Click Here
36 Build orientation analysis for complex shaped objects using fused deposition modeling process Click Here
37 Optimization of cost and quality using management tool Click Here
38 Application of Rapid Prototyping for development of Customized Prosthesis Click Here
39 Customized Design Of Biomedical Parts Using Rapid Prototyping Techniques Click Here
40 Analysis of fluid flow around a single stage turbine blade Click Here
41 Electronics waste management- A literature review Click Here
42 Parameter optimization of Milling Operation Using Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization and Artificial Neural Network Click Here


Sr.No Portfolio Name Start date End date
1 In-charge Dean (T&P) 2011-12-19 31/03/2012
2 Dean-T&P 2012-01-04 27/12/2012
3 Dean-Academics 2012-12-28 02/04/2014
4 Dean-T&P 2015-11-16 Till Date
5 T&P Coordinator 1999-01-12 30/10/2011
6 BoS Chairman 2012-01-09 31/08/2017
7 IE(I) Divisional Convener 2011-06-01 05/31/2013
8 Class Teacher 1998-07-01 31/05/2000
9 TechKnow Experts 2010-01-01 2014
10 Member, Faculty of E&T 2012-09-01 31/08/2017
11 Member, Academic Council 2012-09-01 31/08/2017
12 Member, Equivalence Committee 2012-09-01 31/08/2017
13 Member, RRC of Production Engg 2012-09-01 31/08/2017
14 Purchase In-charge 2007-01-01 2010
15 In-charge, Free Elective Allotment Process 2012-06-01 Till Date
16 Member, Discipline Committee 2012-05-01 11/30/2016

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