Subjects Taught Tool design, Engineering Metallurgy, Ergonomics, Research Methodology, Process Engineering,

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Qualification Ph. D.,M. E( Production). ,B E. (production)
Papers Published National :28, International : 39
Teaching mechanical engg
Teaching Experience 34 Years
Industrial Experience 2 Years
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Mob. No. : 09850336126

Paper Published

Sr.No Paper Name Paper Link
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Sr.No Portfolio Name Start date End date
1 course co- ordinator, M. E. PT M 0000-00-00 till date
2 Laboratory Incharchge for Engg metallurgy and metrology lab 0000-00-00 Till date
3 Ph. D. Supervisor 0000-00-00 Till date
4 Member faculty of engg and technology, SGBAU, Amravati 0000-00-00 Till date

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